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Argentine Ant

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Pest control of tampa bay

Foraging Characteristics

Medium Sized ant with a slender body, uniformly light brown or brown. Workers smell stale, greasy, or musty when crushed. Worker soften present in large numbers moving in trails. Trails may be similar to white footed ant trails, but ants are more slender and move more quickly so foraging trails may not appear as condensed. Workers may overwhelm outdoor eating areas, even entering parked cars.

Nest Sites & Characteristics

Multiple queens in many widespread sub colonies that dominate areas with millions of ants. Open habitats, both moist and dry. Usually in heavily disturbed sites but can invade neutral environment. Nest in mulch and soil, under objects on soil or near trees, in rotten woods, and garbage piles.

Detailed Description

2.2-2.6 mm (1/11-1/10 in) long. Twelve segmented antennae without club. One segmented petiole. Petiole with vertically projecting scale. Body hairs usually absent from thorax. No sting. Subfamily Dolichoderinae.

Pest control of tampa bay

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Pest control of tampa bay