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Black Carpenter Ant

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Pest control of tampa bay

Foraging Characteristics

Large to very large ant, similar to Florida carpenter ant, but black and covered with long, yellowish or white hairs. May be seen foraging alone or in loose trails. Many sized workers. Workers may emit formic acid odor.

Nest Sites & Characteristics

One queen per nest. nest in dead or living trees, rotting logs and stumps. May nest in damaged or Hollow wood of homes, occasionally in chests or trunks stored in attics or basements. This species can damage sound structure lumber.

Detailed Description

6-13mm (1/4 - 1/2 in) long. No sting. End of abdomen with circular of hair. Twelve - segmented antenna without club. Black ant. Gaster densely covered with long pale yellow or white hairs. Subfamily Formicinae.

Pest control of tampa bay

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Pest control of tampa bay