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Ghost Ant

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Pest control of tampa bay

Foraging Characteristics

Tiny ant with dark head and pale gaster and legs, thorax often dark. May not look ant-like on casual inspection. Runs in quick, erratic movements when disturbed. Sometimes can be found trailing, where movement is more slow and deliberate. On close inspection some trailing workers can be seen carrying brood (larvae and pupae). Workers may emit acrid, coconut-like odor when crushed.

Nest Sites & Characteristics

Multiple queens may be spread out into multiple sub colonies. Usually nest in disturbed areas, in flowerpots, under objects on the ground, under loose dark, and at the base of palm fronds. Indoor nests in small spaces such as cracks, spaces between books, or wall voids. Indoor foragers often come from outside. This is a very common pest inside homes.

Detailed Description

1.3-1.9 mm (1/2-1/14 in) ling. One petiolar segment, no projecting scale. Four segments of gaster visible from above. Antennal scape exceeding posterior border of head. No sting. Subfamily Dolichoderinae.

Pest control of tampa bay

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Pest control of tampa bay